Planet Zoo currently contains 80 different species of animals that can be adopted and cared for by players. This page is a comprehensive list of every adoptable animal featured in Planet Zoo.

Species Status Interactivity Availability
Aardvark Least concern Full Standard
African Buffalo Near threatened Full Standard
African Elephant Vulnerable Full Standard
African Wild Dog Endangered Full Standard
Aldabra Giant Tortoise Vulnerable Full Standard
Amazonian Giant Centipede Data deficient Exhibit Standard
American Bison Near threatened Full Standard
Arctic Wolf Least concern Full Arctic Pack
Bactrian Camel Domesticated Full Standard
Baird's Tapir Endangered Full Standard
Bengal Tiger Endangered Full Standard
Black Wildebeest Least concern Full Standard
Boa Constrictor Least concern Exhibit Standard
Bongo Near threatened Full Standard
Bonobo Endangered Full Standard
Bornean Orangutan Critically endangered Full Standard
Brazilian Salmon Pink Tarantula Data deficient Exhibit Standard
Brazilian Wandering Spider Data deficient Exhibit Standard
Cheetah Vulnerable Full Standard
Chinese Pangolin Critically endangered Full Standard
Colombian White-Faced Capuchin Monkey Least concern Full South America Pack
Common Death Adder Least concern Exhibit Standard
Common Ostrich Least concern Full Standard
Common Warthog Least concern Full Standard
Dall Sheep Least concern Full Arctic Pack
Eastern Brown Snake Least concern Exhibit Standard
Formosan Black Bear Vulnerable Full Standard
Galapagos Giant Tortoise Vulnerable Full Standard
Gemsbok Least concern Full Standard
Gharial Critically endangered Full Standard
Giant Anteater Vulnerable Full South America Pack
Giant Burrowing Cockroach Data deficient Exhibit Standard
Giant Desert Hairy Scorpion Data deficient Exhibit Standard
Giant Forest Scorpion Data deficient Exhibit Standard
Giant Panda Vulnerable Full Standard
Giant Tiger Land Snail Data deficient Exhibit Standard
Gila Monster Near threatened Exhibit Standard
Golden Poison Frog Endangered Exhibit Standard
Goliath Beetle Data deficient Exhibit Standard
Goliath Birdeater Data deficient Exhibit Standard
Goliath Frog Endangered Exhibit Standard
Greater Flamingo Least concern Full Standard
Green Iguana Least concern Exhibit Standard
Grizzly Bear Least concern Full Standard
Himalayan Brown Bear Critically endangered Full Standard
Hippopotamus Vulnerable Full Standard
Indian Elephant Endangered Full Standard
Indian Peafowl Least concern Full Standard
Indian Rhinoceros Vulnerable Full Standard
Jaguar Near threatened Full South America Pack
Japanese Macaque Least concern Full Standard
Komodo Dragon Vulnerable Full Deluxe
Lehmann's Poison Frog Critically endangered Exhibit Standard
Lesser Antillean Iguana Critically endangered Exhibit Standard
Llama Domesticated Full South America Pack
Mandrill Vulnerable Full Standard
Mexican Red Knee Tarantula Vulnerable Exhibit Standard
Nile Monitor Data deficient Full Standard
Nyala Least concern Full Standard
Okapi Endangered Full Standard
Plains Zebra Near threatened Full Standard
Polar Bear Vulnerable Full Arctic Pack
Pronghorn Antelope Least concern Full Standard
Puff Adder Data deficient Exhibit Standard
Pygmy Hippo Endangered Full Deluxe
Red-Eyed Tree Frog Least concern Exhibit South America Pack
Red Panda Endangered Full Standard
Red Ruffed Lemur Critically endangered Full Standard
Reindeer Vulnerable Full Arctic Pack
Reticulated Giraffe Endangered Full Standard
Ring Tailed Lemur Endangered Full Standard
Sable Antelope Least concern Full Standard
Saltwater Crocodile Least concern Full Standard
Siberian Tiger Endangered Full Standard
Snow Leopard Vulnerable Full Standard
Spotted Hyena Least concern Full Standard
Springbok Least concern Full Standard
Thomson's Gazelle Least concern Full Deluxe
Timber Wolf Least concern Full Standard
Titan Beetle Data deficient Exhibit Standard
West African Lion Critically endangered Full Standard
Western Chimpanzee Critically endangered Full Standard
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Data deficient Exhibit Standard
Western Lowland Gorilla Critically endangered Full Standard
Yellow Anaconda Data deficient Exhibit Standard
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