Planet Zoo Wiki

Guests are an important aspect of Planet Zoo. They work as your main sources of income.


Guests have a randomized body shape and skin tone, face, hairstyle and clothing choices. All of these are seen in the avatar editor. These options vary between age groups (child, teen and adult).


Guests come in groups, sometimes by themselves, either as a group of adults, teens, or adults and children. A group of guests can go up to six.

Guests have needs to fulfill, such as hunger, thirst, energy, and ability to use the restroom. They have limited energy, so they will begin to want to leave if your zoo is too big or there aren't benches/tables. If guests are enjoying their visit, they can donate tips to the donation bins that are placed around the zoo.

Guests need to be educated about the animals in your zoo. You can help accomplish this with education boards, education speakers, education screens and Animal Talks.


A guest's happiness depends on what they think of the zoo. Players can see the breakdown of all their recent thoughts when clicking on them. Each thought gives or takes away happiness, or other needs.

NOTE: The list of thoughts is under construction.

Trigger Mood Quote(s)
Ticket Prices Neutral The zoo ticket price is fair!
Happy The zoo ticket price is good!
The zoo ticket price is great!
Zoo tickets are underpriced!
Free Ticket Prices Happy Entrance costs nothing? Great!
Free zoo entry? Awesome!
Free zoo entry? Yes please!
Great! Free entry!
I love it when zoo entry is free!
The best entry price is free!
Woo! Free entry!
Zoo entry is free!
Low Zoo Crowds Happy It's good the zoo isn't overcrowded!
High Quality Scenery Happy This place has great scenery!
This scenery is epic! (teen)
What a great looking place.
What great scenery!
Rain Neutral Nice weather for ducks! But terrible for the rest of us...
Oh great, rain.
Rain?! That's not what the forecast said!
No Umbrella Unhappy I am definitely going to need an umbrella.
I knew I shoulda brought an umbrella!
Uh-oh - where can I get an umbrella?
Shelter from Rain Neutral Ah, that's a relief... This shelter is a life saver!
Bad Animal View Unhappy The view of the [Animal] from here is not great at all...
Fair Animal View Neutral I guess the view of the [Animal] from here is okay...
I suppose the view of the [Animal] from here is... fine?
I'd describe the view of the [Animal] from here as 'OK'.
Good Animal View Happy The view of the [Animal] from here is quite good. You can really tell they put a medium amount of thought into the planning.
You can get a good view of the [Animal] from here.
Great Animal View Happy Seeing a [Animal] so clearly is awesome! I will cherish this memory FOREVER.
I have treasured looking at the [Animal] so much that I’m never going to clean my eyeballs!
Animal Escaped Neutral I'm not sure that [Animal] should be out here?!
Shouldn't that [Animal] be inside a habitat?!
That [Animal] has escaped!
Dangerous Animal Escaped Unhappy A [Animal]?! Run for your life!
Run! Run away! The [Animal] has escaped!
The [Animal] has escaped! Run!
Expensive Shop Prices Unhappy Everything at [Shop] is too expensive for me.
Everything at [Shop] is outside my price range.
I'm not buying anything at [Shop] for those prices.
No way I'm getting ripped off at [Shop].
Prices at [Shop] are too high for me.
Long Shop Queues Unhappy I'm not lining up for [Shop].
It will take too long to get served at [Shop].
You call that good service!? Ha!
[Shop] looks busy, I'll try somewhere else.
Found Ride Happy I bet [Ride] is a great ride.
Long Ride Queues Unhappy I couldn't queue up for [Ride].
It's a shame [Ride] was full.
Man! [Ride] had a full queue!
The line for [Ride] was completely full.
The queue for [Ride] was full!
Free Facility Happy Everyone is happy that [Facility] is free.
Excellent! Free to use!
I can't believe [Facility] is free.
I love that [Facility] costs nothing!
I'm so glad [Facility] is free.
It's a good thing they don't charge for [Facility].
Oh great, [Facility] is free!
Whoa, [Facility] is free! (teen)
Expensive Facility Unhappy I can't believe [Facility] costs that much.
I don't normally pay that much for [Facility].
I'm grumpy about paying lots for [Facility].
I'm not paying that much to use [Facility].
Wow! [Facility] costs a lot!
[Facility] costs loads! That's a cheap trick.
[Facility] costs that much? That's disgusting.
Seen Staff Facility Neutral I didn't come here to see the staff facilities.
It makes me cross when they don't tuck the staff facilities out of the way.
These facility buildings are ruining my experience of the zoo.
Cannot Find Bin Unhappy I wish I could throw this away somewhere.
I'm bored of looking for a bin.
Litter on Ground Unhappy Don't they have caretakers to keep this place tidy?
I think I got yuck on my shoes! (teen)
It's not nice to drop litter. (child)
That litter is disgusting.
There's litter on the path.
There's rubbish all over the place.
There's rubbish everywhere!
This place could do with a serious spring-clean...
What kind of monster just dumps their litter on the ground?!
Guard Chasing Criminal Happy That guard must be chasing someone!
There's a chase happening!
They're in a hurry!
Wow, that guard is flying by!
Vandalism Unhappy Can't they fix these vandalised things?
It doesn't feel nice here. (child)
Looks like someone's gone on a rampage!
Someone is breaking things in the zoo!
Someone is vandalising things in the zoo!
Someone need to control their temper and not take it out on other people's property!
Someone's not happy, they're smashing things up in the zoo!
There are lots of damaged things around here.
There's lots of vandalism here.
This place is a dump!
Why is everything smashed? (child)
Vandalised Something Neutral Breaking that has made me feel a bit better, for now...
Breaking that has made me feel less angry!
That's better, I feel less angry after breaking that!
Being Ejected for Vandalism Neutral I shouldn't have lost my temper and vandalised, now I'm being ejected from the zoo!
I've been asked to leave because I vandalised!
Why did I vandalise? Now I'm being ejected!
Pickpocketed Unhappy I can't believe one of us has been pickpocketed! When did that happen?!
I've been robbed! When did that happen?!
One of us was pickpocketed somewhere! There are thieves about!
What?! Someone stole moeny from one of us?! Unbelievable!
Protester(s) Nearby Unhappy Protesters?! That's not exactly a great advertisement...
This place must be pretty awful to attract protesters...
What are they protesting?!
Stuck Unhappy Help me!
I'm stuck!
There is nowhere for me to go.
Going Home Happy Aw! I don't wanna leave yet! (child)
Aw man, is it hometime already?
But I don't want to go home! (child)
Bye, Zoo! I'm going home! (child)
Home time!
I better go home soon.
I hope the traffic home is okay.
I think I'll call it a day here.
I'm beat, time to call it a day.
Is it home time already? (child)
It was good while it lasted.
Let's get out of here.
Time has just flown by.
Time to go home!
Time to head home.
Time to leave, I think.
Time's up. I gotta get home!
What an amazing day.
Final Thoughts: Unhappy Unhappy I had an awful time, I'm going home!
I hate this place, let's leave.
I really did not enjoy today... time to go.
I'm so unhappy, I'm on my way home.
This zoo was a complete waste of time, I'm leaving right now!
Final Thoughts: Neutral Neutral I had an okay time, now I need to go home.
I had some fun today, but I'm not sad to go home.
There's good and bad things about this zoo, overall about average.
This place was okay, time to go home.
This zoo was alright, I'd come back again.
Final Thoughts: Happy Happy All good things come to an end, even great zoo trips.
Best! Zoo! Ever! I wish we didn't have to leave! (child)
If I didn't need to go home, I think I'd stay here forever!
This zoo was amazing! I don't want to leave!
This zoo was soooo good! I'm coming back again! (child)
Time has flown by! I really don't want to leave yet.
What an epic zoo! I'm gonna bring back some more friends! (teen)
Final Thoughts: Not Enough to Do Unhappy I might have stayed longer, but there's nothing to do here.
I've seen all there is in this zoo. Home time!
There isn't much going on around here. I'll go home.
There isn't much more I want to do in this zoo.
There's not enough to do here. I'm going home!
Final Thoughts: Bad Security Unhappy I had a terrible time, a pickpocket stole money from me and hasn't been caught! Security here is a joke!
I'm never coming back here again, someone managed to steal from me and get away with it. Where's the security?!
Final Thoughts: Good Security Happy Can't fault security during my time here, they caught the pickpocket who stole from me and returned all of my money!
Security at this zoo is great, even though I was pickpocketed, they managed to catch them and reclaim the whole amount taken from me!
Final Thoughts: Ejected for Vandalism Neutral They were right to eject me from the zoo. I broke something in anger, I shouldn't have done that.