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The Conservation Pack is the tenth DLC pack and eleventh DLC overall available for purchase in Planet Zoo. The Conservation Pack released simultaneously with Update 1.10.


Introducing the Planet Zoo: Conservation Pack! Learn about the critical role zoos take in helping the planet as you expand your own zoo with five endangered animals: Przewalski’s Horse, Amur Leopard, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Siamang, and Axolotl.

Embrace a more sustainable future using 150+ stunning scenery pieces based on themes of re-wilding and natural resource management. Create a haven of wild meadow plants and food plots with appealing new scenery pieces. Construct stunning habitats and buildings from environmentally friendly materials. Take on a challenging new scenario in Mongolia’s Turtle Rock Wildlife Orphanage and rescue animals in need.


New Animals:

New Foliage:

New Scenery Pieces:

New Scenario:


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  • The Conservation Pack is the first pack to not be based on geography.
  • The Conservation Pack is also the first DLC to add a critically endangered animal to Planet Zoo.
  • The Conservation Pack will also add the first animal that is extinct in the wild to Planet Zoo.