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Fichier:Wtpz.jpg Welcome to Planet Zoo
Create your avatar and place them on the globe
Fichier:Ba.jpg Bronze Award
Gain a bronze award in career mode
Fichier:Sa.jpg Silver Award
Gain a silver award in career mode
Fichier:Ga.jpg Gold Award
Gain a gold award in career mode
Fichier:Cc.jpg Campaign Complete
Complete all campaign levels to a bronze standard
Fichier:Sc.jpg Silver Campaign
Complete all campaign levels to a silver standard
Fichier:Gc.jpg Gold Campaign
Complete all campaign levels to a gold standard
Fichier:Fz.jpg Franchise Zoo
Open your first Franchise zoo
Fichier:Gz.jpg Global Zoo
Open 25 Franchise zoos
Fichier:Tg.jpg Tour Guide
Build 1km of a tracked ride
Fichier:Bb.jpg Barrier Builder
Build 10km of barrier
Fichier:Lfaw.jpg Life finds a way
Have your first baby animal born in your zoo
Fichier:Bb2.jpg Baby Boom
Have 73 baby animals born
Fichier:G.jpg Ghost
Have an albino breed
Fichier:Sg.jpg Say Goodbye
Release your first animal
Fichier:Wttf.jpg Welcome to the Family
Adopt your first animal
Fichier:E.jpg Enriched
Place 25 different Enrichment Items
Fichier:CoL.jpg Circle of Life
Have a Juvenile Lion be born in a Zoo containing at least 10 species
Fichier:R.jpg Redecorating
Enable all enrichment items in an exhibit
Fichier:AR.jpg Animal Research
Complete the research on one animal in Franchise mode
Fichier:W,tal!.jpg Wow, that's a lot!
Build a habitat with 30 animals in it that all have welfare over 75%
Fichier:Asca.jpg A superstar comes along
Have an animal reach a 5 star Animal Rating